Sunday, February 3, 2008

Watch List

From my picks last week, the best performer has been AUXL:

Another pick from last week broke out on Friday, it was MEE:

AZZ also broke out, but retraced.

A stock I missed, but also broke out last week was MA:

It might be worth a try over $220.

I didn't find many good charts, but here are a few I'll be watching. I will be looking to buy breakouts on heavy volume.

Nice symmetrical triangle on DEPO:

PDGI may be a buy when it breaks into new highs:

I may try PTEC over $15.50, but heavy volume is a must:

The symmetrical triangle on COIN may not be as nice as the one for DEPO, but it has to break one direction or another, and this stock is a mover:

Good trading.

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