Monday, February 11, 2008

Trading for 2/12/08

Like Friday, today was a good day for me in the market. Actually, a great day for me in the market! I made some good money today. I had some picks from yesterday that broke out, and breakouts some from last Friday that continued to run. Here's how my picks did:

I mentioned yesterday that CREE "could offer another buy opportunity this week". It offered that opportunity today.

CNX was a pick from yesterday. I was hoping it would pull back slightly in the morning. Instead, it took off an ran all day.

BZP broke out in the morning and held strong.

OI, a pick from yesterday, did well today.

CLF was a pick from last week that broke out in Friday and did very well today.

PTEC broke out today as well. Also a pick from yesterday.

JRCC was a also pick from last week that broke out on Friday. I mentioned yesterday that "looks like it wants to go higher from here". It did move higher today.

RRC, another pick from last week that did very well today.

MOS was a pick from yesterday, which barely broke out toward the end of the day. Finished strong though.

Now here are my picks for tomorrow. The buy point is when the stock passes the upper blue line on heavy volume. In alphabetical order by ticker symbol:










technoo said...

Great picks, how do you come up the watchlist.

Mo-Trader said...

Thanks for visiting Technoo.

I scan for stocks with a positive weighted alpha that trade an average of over 250,000 shares per day.