Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trading for 2/27/08

In my Sunday night post, I posted a chart of SPY, and mentioned that this week, the market should break out of its consolidation pattern and move one way or the other. Today it broke out. As you can see, the SPY broke resistance and went much higher, indicating that the market should continue to move higher.

The market looked very weak at the open today, but a strong intra-day rally that sent almost all of last nights picks past their buy points. The pull back in the afternoon pulled some of these stocks well below their buy points though. I don’t like to let stocks that broke out strong to return too far below their buy point. I’d rather get my money back at break even and try something else. This is why I advocate taking some profits before moving stops. Today offered some great picks for day trades though, and with the market poised to move higher, these stocks could very well move with it.

Here's how they did.

KGC broke out and closed above the breakout point as gold moved well today.

JRCC had a very big move this moving around 10:30EST, but ended the day up +.99%. Not bad on this stock, which has been very good to me.

ACI broke resistance. I got stopped out of this one, but would try again:

CNX broke out and pulled back under the break out point. Could be worth a try again:

ILMN sits above my stop. It deserved a rest after yesterdays move. A strong move above the upper blue line could be another buying opportunity.

I had been watching YTEC for awhile, and putting it in every post the last couple of weeks, but didn't last night. Wouldn't you know it, it broke out today. Volume was very strong, but it to sold off.

AKS was a previous pick that had a great day today.

Since nearly my entire watch list fired off today, I don't have much for tomorrow. CNX and ACI could certainly offer opportunities again tomorrow. Here are some other stocks I will be watching:

CPHD came very close to my buy point today. Maybe we'll see another attempt tomorrow.

I really like the chart on PCLN:

Not a great chart, but VIP is right at the 50 EMA and very close to the upper trend line. If it can break that, it could move much higher. I will risk less if I choose to play this at all.

Good luck and good trading.

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