Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trading for 2/14/08

Ok, I'm going to get right to it. I had three big breakouts from my picks last night. They were:

CMED. I have been stalking this one awhile. Patience paid off, it broke out huge. Up 8% for the day, and offering another buy point to add to the position once it breaks the upper blue line.

WLT broke out nicely:

CEDC broke out, then gave much of it back. I got stopped out after trailing my stop.

Also doing well was a stock mentioned here earlier, JRCC:

DAR was another stock I had been stalking. It moved high today after breaking out yesterday:

Here are some stocks I will be watching tomorrow. A couple of these were stocks I had bought before, and are now offering new buy points after basing a bit. Buy point is when stock break upper blue line on heavy volume:


BMRN, a hot stock picks from a few days ago:




CXO, would like to see this base a bit:





Also, keep an eye on AUXL tomorrow morning. They report earnings at 10 EST. MAY POP!

Good trading.


Darvas said...

Great ideas! Very well researched and thought out. Keep it up!

Any thoughts on BYI?

Mo-Trader said...
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Anonymous said...

Man I would really like YTEC to pop soon. The chart is just screaming breakout