Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trading for 2/21/08

It didn't look like much was going to happen today, but the market took off around noon, and took some of last nights picks with it. Most of which were stocks that broke out yesterday but then pulled back under the breakout point.

CALM was a pick from Monday night which broke out yesterday, and had a fantastic day today.

I have been watching AKS for awhile. It broke yesterday but pulled back under the breakout point, and I said I would try again if it broke the blue line, and it did...nicely.

RRC also broke out yesterday but pulled back, and was worthy of a try again today.

The same goes for MOS

And one of my favorite stocks, CMO, offered a a buying opportunity today.

WLT was a pick from last week. It offered a profitable trade then, and I am not longer in it. But congrats to anyone who bought and held, you had a good day.

Here are some stocks I will be watching tomorrow.

ALC: Volume on the recent down day is a bit concerning though.





DAR: A past winner, may try again.

IMLN has two buy points, depending on how conservative you are:

JRCC: Another past winner, consolidating here.

MON handing out under 120


PTEC has to do something very soon.

As does YTEC:

Good luck and good trading.

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