Monday, February 4, 2008

Stock Picks

Low volume down day in the market, except for Chinese stocks. Some of the stocks I posted here last night broke out today. They were:

PTEC broke out on heavy volume:

DEPO broke out as well, but volume was normal:

COIN ran huge at the open, but sold off the rest of the day. I passed.

Some picks from last week also did well today.

MEE continues to move on nice volume:

As mentioned last night, AZZ broke out on Friday, but gave it back. However, it did nicely today.

Here are some other stocks I am adding to my watch list this week:

Here's a mortgage stock that is up 20% so far this year. Go figure? It looks like it could go higher:

PCLN looks good over 110:

May try CMED at 51:

I like INCY at new highs:

CCC, CLF and LNN are also on the list.

Also, did DRYS get rejected at the 50 EMA?

FSLR is running into resistance in the 200 area, and is forming a bear flag-like pattern.

Good trading.

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