Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trading for 2/13/08

I don't know if anyone else is reading this blog. Judging by the comments and ad clicks, then I am talking to myself. But no matter, this has been doing my trading wonders! Another big day for my account. That's three in a row. Of course, it's a lot easier when the market moves like this in your favor. I had some breakouts from yesterdays picks, and a few continue to do well. I am being aggressive with stops and with scaling out of positions quickly as the stocks moves up. I am holding very little from yesterday and today.

Here's how some of my stocks did, then I'll post what I will be watching for tomorrow:

BMRN was a pick from last night that had a huge day:

MOS also has a great day, but sold off later in the day, showing some indecision.

COIN was good for a day trade, could be tomorrow as well:

DAR broke though both buy points posted last night:

AUXL has been a nice mover. It broke my buy point posted this weekend. Earnings are due out on Thursday, so I will not hold this overnight. I may try again tomorrow if it breaks the blue line again:

This stock fascinates me. It's a mortgage company! I need to learn more about this company.

They haven't all been winners. I lost money on this one using a 1% stop.

Judging by some of the toppy looking tails on the stocks above, we could be due for a rest. I will be watching these stocks tomorrow though, just in case.

Good trading


Tyro said...

You're top of my blogroll, I just don't comment much. What's to say with such consistently good picks?

Mo-Trader said...

Hey Tyro, I appreciate that, thanks for visiting.